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Project JSP - BluePumpkin Portal - SEM IV

To save the time for employees, our client now want us to build a website for their company.The website aims at providing the employee with searching an event and enable the employee to register events. Beside that there are some categories for the entertainment purpose of the employees such as news ,gallery, message. Depending on the project objectives, the application needs to be developed with the following functionalities :

+ The entrance of the website is the login page which enable employees and administrators of the website to login to the website with their username and password.

+ The website is design for simple navigation and easily to find information.

+ On the home page of the website, the details of the upcoming events like meetings, games ,competitions, etc in the company will be display in brief.

+ The details of an event will be display if the employee wants to view more information about the event.

+ The employee can find information about events, send request to participate in any events.

+ The employee also can view news, send feedbacks to the website, or send message to other employees.

+ There are an employee box on the website which contains his messages, feedback result, and result of the participation request that is sent by him.

+ The home page should also include the winners details of the events conducted recently.

+ Also the application should have a reminder, which will remind about the birthdays of the day.And this reminder should be active for all the user logins.

For the administrator of the website, There are fully functions for website management.

+ The administrator will have the authority to create, edit, or remove employee profile, also he can create events, accept or reject the participation request base on the requirement, update events result ,view and answer feedbacks …

+ The site should also contain the FAQs like

§ How to participate in the events ?

§ What if I am unable to login into the site ?

§ What if I am unable to send the participation request for the event ?

§ How can one be intimated with the upcoming events ?

+ The website also enable users to upload images and create albums for sharing with everyone.The owner of an album can modify the album or remove it.






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Database and Full Report BluePumpkin Portal

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